First of all, thank you for your continued support towards the overall development of the kids.

Raghav, due to his back to back injuries last year, unfortunately, got very little time with Neilesh sir. However, based on the interactions that I had with him, and the sessions that Raghav attended under him, I am summarizing my feedback in the below pointers:

Extremely Knowledgeable: He has superb knowledge and grasp on the subject matter he is dealing in, and therefore, precisely aware of what he is doing and why.

Vastly Experienced: Due to his tenure with a lot of professional athletes, he has a vast experience that helps him go beyond the books, and identify the cause of certain issues, which may be difficult to find otherwise. Just to cite a very recent example, he suggested getting a Vitamin D test done for Raghav (due to the time he was taking to recover from his injuries), and a deficiency of Vitamin D was identified in Raghav. Now, this, probably I wouldn;t have even thought of, even after being a qualified Sports NUtritionist.

Well Balanced Sessions: From whatever little I have seen, his sessions are well balanced focussing on all the aspects of Skill as well as Fitness. Also, he manages the kids in a very effective way where each kid feels themselves engaged, and also has their share of fun moments at times during/after the session.

Effective and Clear Communication: Always conveys his messages/information with enough examples/explanations wherever needed and makes sure that his message is clearly understood by the students.

Thanks & Regards
Parent of Raghav


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