GSC : Cricket Academy In Bangalore

Cricket Traning Center In Whitefield
Cricket Traning Center In Whitefield
Cricket Coaching Center in Whitefield
Cricket Coaching Center in Whitefield

Let’s play CRICKET! Cricket is a game for everyone and theirs is no better way to enjoy Cricket than to get involved! Let’s start the finding you or your child the most suitable program at Gopalan Sports Cricket Academy, Get into Gopalan Sports Center. It's a fun and active program for kids of all abilities - whether it's your first time with a bat or you're a street cricket star!

Whether you wish to find out more about training at all levels or learn about the unique opportunity provided by private coaching, GSCA is the best place to help you enhance your skills in a supportive environment.

Come and join our team of highly skilled, fully qualified coaches who deliver an unparalleled cricketing experience in world class facilities like, Indoor Cricket with Pitch vision technology, Turf wicket facilities, Grassy cricket field for tournaments.

Little Blasters

Age: 5-7 years programs level-1

For kids new to cricket, to learn the skills to play cricket through fun game based activities. kids who just want to have fun alike. GSCA team of coaches has put together a leveled program that is sure to set beginners cricketers on a path of lots of fun and cricket success. In order to provide beginners to the game of cricket with a love for the game and also a solid foundation of skills and techniques, The course focuses on basic drills in all of cricket’s three major skills areas, batting, bowling and fielding.

Junior Blasters

Age: 8-12 years program level-2

Level 2 builds on foundation of level 1, Level 2 offers participants a systematic development of core cricketing techniques. The course starts off with participants using leather ball for cricket disciplines and culminates with them graduating to play games with a High level coaching implementing and enhancing core cricket techniques and methods, Concentrated focus on more advanced cricket techniques and skills

Fitness : In Level 2, participants get a glimpse at core cricket fitness necessities. This includes mini-hurdles, basic fitness and core strengthening for upper body strength necessary for power batting and fast bowling. Improving the core of the body is the biggest advantage for these participants as this helps body balance and in turn the overall game.

Wicket-Keeping : Interested participants will get a basic introductory course into wicket-keeping skills, techniques and methodology.

Master Blasters

Age: 12-16 years program level-3

Level 3 aims to incorporate skills and techniques from Levels 1 and 2, to prepare participants to be cricket match ready in all three disciplines of batting, bowling and fielding: Intense coaching that incorporates mental preparedness for cricket, Rigorous exercise regimes to ensure match fitness and injury avoidance.

Specialized training to perfect batting, bowling and fielding techniques, tournaments exposure, Coach utilizes various tools such as Pitch Vision technology, bowling machine, side arm pro to name few to pinpoint strength and weakness of cricketers.

Every year GSCA invites celebrity players from all across the cricketing nation to conduct high performance camps. These camps have been highly beneficial to budding cricketers. These camps have also been attended by many Domestics & National players as well as IPL Players.

Summer Camps

During the lengthy Indian summer school break, GSCA offers fun and exciting cricket camps. These camps are designed to not only give them a fun and memorable summer but also provide them with intense cricket training. Summer camps are a fun and exciting way to either be introduced to the game of cricket or further develop a player cricketing talents. All of this takes place in Gopalan Sports center, state-of-the-art technologically advanced facility that offers access to other sports like Gymnastics, Football, Tennis, Skating, Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis, basketball & Swimming for a holistic summer experience.

Session Schedule:

Net Practise on Rental Basis for Team and Corporates:

Sl. No. Turfs No of pitches Indoor / Outdoor Location
1 Astro Turf 4 Indoor Sports Center Hoodi
2 Astro Turf 2 Outdoor Sports Center Hoodi
3 Natural Turf 2 Outdoor Sports Center Hoodi
4 Matting pitch 2 Outdoor Sports Center Hoodi
5 Astro Turf 2 Outdoor Sports academy Avalahalli

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Cricket Ground for Practise on Rental Basis for Team and Corporates:

Sl. No. indoor / Outdoor Location Ground Type Pitch
1 Indoor Sports Center Hoodi Astro turf (BOX) Astro turf
2 Outdoor Sports Center Hoodi Natural grass Astro turf
3 Outdoor Sports academy Avalahalli Ground A Natural turf
4 Outdoor Sports academy Avalahalli Ground B Astro turf
5 Outdoor Sports academy Avalahalli Ground C Astro turf

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Other important

To help children pursue sports as a career.

  • Indoor bowling machine (available on rental).
  • Pitch Vision (available on membership)
  • Kengeri Cricketers Club (5th Division)
  • Personal training One on One
  • Sports Science Support (Strength & Conditioning, Mental Skills Trainning, Sports Nutrition, Biomechanical Analysis, Rehab)