Linda Carter

Our Approach: Overall development of kids

We have a unique approach to accomplish our objectives.

  • Incorporating both physical development through a selected sport and mental growth through Yoga and Meditation practices.
  • Regularly inviting Sports Personalities to share their experiences with the children and give suggestions making it not only a motivating interaction but also creating an impact on them to follow important guidelines from their own role models.
  • Coaching will not only include the ‘How to Play’ aspect but also the ‘Who’s Who’ of the game, studying game plans of existing teams and their players.
  • Watching videos of International games to understand tactics and then learn and improve their own.
  • Selecting the best players and giving them advance coaching so that they can represent the club at state and national levels.
  • Regularly arranging a parent meet to show the progress of their child.

Our core objective is to lay such a foundation among children which will help them take responsibility of their fitness and health, and remain healthy and active not only during childhood but throughout their lives.

We conduct physical education classes in schools through an integrated systematically planned sports and physical education program. Our program teaches students the skills & techniques for leading a physically active & healthy life at the same time lays the foundation for multiple sports.