Cricket Pitch in Bangalore

Facility: Cricket

Gopalan Sports Cricket has three cricket grounds along with Turf & AstroTurf pitch facilities. The ground also has a rain harvesting water system which can avoid water logging inside the field. The green outfield allows the thickness of the grass and the dryness of the surface to contribute to the quality of a cricket field. Trimmed grass and dry surface aid fast movement, whereas on lush outfields and moisture surface makes the movement impeded.

Facility Indoor Soccer

Gopalan Sports Center gives you the opportunity to play the most popular game in India without letting the weather affect your game. We have a fully-functional synthetic turf pitch laid out just for the die-hard cricket fan. Indoor Cricket is here to stay and is regarded as the fastest version of cricket and is getting popular day by day. Indoor Cricket has already caught up with cricket lovers in Australia, England, New Zealand, and South Africa. This fast and short version of cricket is full of fun and does not take a whole day like regular cricket hence ideally suited for corporate team outings and a small group of individuals.

It is normally played as an 8 a side event with hardball or even tennis ball consisting of 15 over's or 12 over's with a standard 22-yard pitch. With few changes in the scoring pattern the world Indoor cricket body also conducts the World Cup for this indoor sport.

At Gopalan Sports Center (GSC) we also train and groom young cricketers to become a full-fledged player with our long term coaching program.

We offer our Indoor Facility for Hire on hourly basis. For more details contact Nithin Rao on +91 9731062294.

Membership Fees:

Sports Hourly Basis Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Yearly
Cricket indoor Ground floor 1800/- -- -- -- --
Cricket indoor nets per net 800/- -- -- -- --
Cricket indoor 1st floor 900/- -- -- -- --
Cricket Outdoor natural Grass 2000/- -- -- -- --


Ground Per Day charges
Ground 'A' (only for leather ball ) 20,000/-
Ground 'B' 12,000/-
Ground 'C' 15,000/-