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Archery Coaching Classes

Free Archery Classes

A universal sport, Archery is now in Gopalan Sports Center. One of the great things about archery is that anyone can do it, at almost any age and any size, making it a great sport for parents and kids to learn together. But everything is better when people learn how and why it all works while they develop the correct skills necessary to have fun, to compete, or simply to grow.

The After School Archery Program is a program that allows children to do “Open Shooting” for an hour after school within a safe group setting. This program does NOT include instruction or training.

General Hours

After School program – every Wednesday starting 5th Dec to 19th Dec

After School program – every Thursday starting 6th Dec to 20th Dec

Sunday program – Every Sunday starting 2nd Dec to 16th Dec

Call for more details: +91 - 95146 66368